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Transform Your SSB Dreams into Reality!

Welcome to Guided Success Academy, your trusted partner in achieving success in the Services Selection Board (SSB) examinations. If you've faced setbacks in your previous attempts, don't lose hope. Our expertly designed 5-day course, 'SSB Success Blueprint,' is tailored specifically for aspirants like you. Our unique approach not only prepares you comprehensively but also guarantees results!

SSB Success Blueprint

Duration: 5 Days

Fee : ₹9999/-

Batch Size: 15 Person

Do These Pain Points Sound Familiar?

Struggling with Screening Tests: Did you fail to clear the initial stage due to poor performance in OIR and PPDT?

Nervous During Interviews: Do you find yourself anxious and unable to effectively communicate during personal interviews?

Weak in Psychological Tests: Are TAT, WAT, SRT, and SD causing you stress and affecting your overall score?

Group Tasks Challenges: Do you lack confidence and strategy in group discussions and outdoor tasks?

Watch my video to understand how our unique approach can help you overcome these challenges and achieve success in your next SSB attempt.

Ask Yourself These Questions

1. Why did I not succeed in my previous SSB attempts?

3. How can I turn my weaknesses into strengths?

2. Which areas do I need to improve to increase my chances of selection?

4. What support and guidance do I need to excel in my next SSB attempt?

Why Choose SSB Success Blueprint?

At Guided Success Academy, we understand the challenges and the determination it takes to succeed in SSB. Our course is crafted to address your weaknesses and amplify your strengths. With personalized attention and expert guidance, we ensure you stand out in your next attempt.


Join our 5-day course with confidence!

Pay the course fee upfront (₹9999 plus GST). And if do not clear the SSB, then get (₹5999) refunded!


Day 1

Detailed Analysis and SWOT Assessment

Comprehensive Evaluation: We begin with a thorough analysis of your past SSB attempts. This involves a step-by-step review of each stage of the SSB process—screening test, psychological tests, group tasks, personal interview, and conference.

Identifying Weak Points: We'll identify specific areas where you faced difficulties, such as verbal and non-verbal reasoning, group discussions, leadership tasks, or interview techniques.

SWOT Analysis: Conduct a personalized SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to map out your current standing.

Improvement Plan: Develop a targeted improvement plan focusing on critical areas that need enhancement. This includes:

Screening Test Performance: Analyze your OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) and PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) results.

Psychological Tests: Evaluate your responses in TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test), and SD (Self-Description).

Interview Skills: Assess your communication, confidence, and overall performance in personal interviews.

Group Tasks: Review your participation and performance in group discussions and outdoor tasks, identifying key areas for improvement.

Day 2

TAT and WAT Practice

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): Master storytelling and project your personality effectively.

Word Association Test (WAT): Enhance your quick thinking and positive response skills.

Day 3

SRT and SD

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Develop spontaneous and appropriate reactions to various scenarios.

Self-Description (SD): Craft a compelling and authentic self-narrative.

Day 4

Group Activities

Group Discussion (GD): Sharpen your communication and argumentation skills.

Group Tasks (GT) &  Group Testing Officer (GTO) Session: Gain insights to excel in group settings.

Day 5

Interview and Closing Address

Mock Interviews: Prepare for the personal interview with realistic practice sessions.

Closing Address: Receive personalized feedback and a strategic action plan for your SSB success.

Don't let another SSB attempt go in vain. Enroll now in the "SSB Success Blueprint" and take the first step towards your successful SSB selection. Not everyone is going to be selected for this course as a basic screening test will be conducted on registration. And only those who have the fire in their bellies will be selected.

Col. Arvind Jadli (Retd.)

 Why Our Method Works?

Expert Instructor: Learn from ex-Army Officer, a seasoned SSB expert and veteran, Col Arvind Jadli (retd).

Personalized Attention: Small batch sizes for focused and individualized coaching.

Practical Approach: Hands-on practice with real-life scenarios.

How to Apply?

Basic Screening: Fill out our application form for an initial screening.

Selection: Candidates who meet our criteria will be selected for the course.

Course Fee: Pay 33% upfront and the remaining 67% upon your selection.

Have the fire in Your Belly?

At Guided Success Academy, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your  goals. Our SSB Success Blueprint course is designed to address your unique challenges and provide you 100% success.

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